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The last few years, the optoelectronics means and the World Wide Web, dominate in the field of medical health education. The season of presentations with slides, bulky four-volume textbooks, printed atlases with photographs, congresses, all of them slowly and steadily give their place in new technologies and practices. Personal computers, networks, CD-ROMS and DVD - ROMS, special software, E-mailing lists, online Atlases, telemedicine (and more specifically teledermatology), online congresses, all these constitute the new generation of information. It is a common phrase, that, “he who has access in the information, has also the power”. Thus, with a simple PC and a good knowledge of Internet searching, the doctor accepts such a plethora of information that is very difficult for him to absorb it.

This online edition of Greek Dermatological Atlas is the first that is presented in our country. It is an effort that initially was supported by the personal files of mine and the stuff of the Dermatologic Clinic of 401 General Military Hospital, Athens. A lot of preparation was required from TERASOFT Ltd, our supporting informatics company.

This effort has a dynamics and an aim: continuous renewing by adding new material from Dermatologists. All our colleagues from all over the world are called to contribute with their own photographs that they wish to see in this collective work, seeing simultaneously their name in the collaborators of this Atlas. In this site they can send material (photos + diagnosis + short comments).

The photographs are free to be used from all - for educational aims and for scientific presentations.-

I wish to thank all the colleagues that helped me, particularly my colleagues (and friends) from the Clinic of the 401 Gen. Mil. Hosp. Athens. I also thank Terasoft Ltd for our irreproachable collaboration as well as the Pharmaceutics and Cosmetics Companies - Sponsors that helped Terrasoft’s effort.

Constantinos D. Verros, MD
Editor of Greek Dermatological Atlas

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